• Venetian Snares & Speedranch - Making Orange Things

    Venetian Snares & Speedranch - Making Orange Things

    In an age when The Popstars are assured of a 'straight in at number one' even before the band has formed let alone "written" the song it seems increasingly hard to accept that there is any musical dimension to the formula for popular appeal. Not that Venetian Snares or Speedranch have ever given a fuck about popular appeal. Preferring instead to tread a highly individual path that follows the almost indistiquishable line between music and noise. This much anticipated collaboration between Manchester's 'noisecore vocalist' Speedranch and Canadian Aaron Funk for Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu label is all and much more than was expected. Combining the original raw energy of punk with speedcore trash metal, hardcore breakbeats, a love of cheesy classics (Bon Jovi, Stairway to Heaven, Dolly Parton etc), the twisted humour of A League of Gentlemen and as many knob twists, filters and effects as is humanly possible 'Making Orange Things' is the perfect antidote to the MTV/McDonnalds/Popstars dross served to the masses. Probably the nearest thing to pure evil ever to appear on vinyl or CD format. Highly Recommended

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