• Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Reviewed by James Cowdery (Burnitblue.com)

    Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    “I’m mad, me … he’s a right headcase … you nuttah!” Acid house arrives and suddenly everybody’s bloody Brandon Block. From Dave Beer to Bez we’re a (one) nation of self-styled lunatics, so it’s refreshing to actually encounter someone who’s proper loony. Tatsuya Jospeh Yoshida, aka Mr Nothing can vaguely recall meeting Mr Reality from that party last year, although he couldn’t put a face to the name, since he was predisposed in the refrigerator, aggressively making friends with the trifle. Nurse, the lunatic harness! ‘Dummy Variations’ is astonishing. It’s also, frankly, mad as a lorry. 18 tracks of Casio funk, shape-shifting rhythms, and er … accordian music, plus a host of melodic hooks that allegedly recall childhood, albeit that of a Ritalin-addled toddler with a $100-a-day Pokemon habit. The elegaic strings of Divine Lowlife sound like the doomed orchestra of the Titanic, had it hit a fireworks factory rather than an oversized ice cube, ‘Every Beauty Has Its Scum’ with its nee-nah synths and wheezy percussion is the aural equivalent of the Keystone Cops pursued by a giant asthmatic hamster, and ‘Disc O’Nostalgia’ is a cover of ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’. Never mind the quality, feel the weird.

    BIB Rating: 4/5

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