• Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Reviewed by Ken Hollings (The Wire)

    Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    A work of fun-sized magnificence written & performed by Tatsuya Yoshida (not Ruins' drummer), "Dummy Variations" thinks small to great effect. Across 17 tracks of near microscopic intricacy, flakes of rhythm, melancholic snatches of distorted vocals and frizzed melody scatter and regroup like a flock of caged canaries let loose on a whim. Standouts include the futuristic blend of high velocity beats, mournful accordions and ghostly chatter on "A Shine On Your Head", the bittersweet swing underscoring "But Not For Me" and the pachinko parlour lunacy of Disc O'Nostalgia". Miniaturisation is definitely the way to go.

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