• Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Reviewed by Tim Roach (Jockey Slut)

    Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    The debut LP by well-travelled young producer Tatsuya Joseph Yoshida presents a more playful side of electronica than those of most of his peers, appearingmuch longer than it's 45-minute running time due to the quick-fire nature of the 17 tracks. The intense computerised rhythms that currently rule the genre are cut up with a scrapbook honesty so, in "Every Beauty Has It's Scum", the hardcore rave pretensions of some producers are used purely for the sound rather than post-modern irony. "Divine Lowlife" begins with Boards Of Canada's gentle melodies, before being pilaged by DHR barbarians toting gameboys and minidiscs. "Ballad For The Unloved" is classic J-pop with a twist, and "Disc O'Nostalgia" is the Nintendo theme remixed. This, clearly is the work of no ordinary Joe.***

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