• Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Reviewed by Robert Heller (playlouder.com)

    Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Accordions. Not rock'n'roll. Definitely not techno. Which is why 'A Shine On Your Head', the fluffy-speedy-Lego-brick rave anthem opening 'Dummy Variations' is so darn excellent. Breakbeats fast-forward maniacally while our squeezy friend belts out the sort of child-like tune which fills the world with innocent beaming improbable loveliness. This is the odd but really rather likeable world of Japan's Tatsuya Joseph Yoshida, aka Joseph Nothing. Released on Mike "µ-ziq" Paradinas' Planet µ label, it does what you'd expect: cue hyperactive five-legged fractured breakbeats tumbling down stairs, super sweet melodies dishing out a pure pop fix and lashings of resolutely lo-fi bleepings.

    At times 'Dummy Variations' resembles the seminal saccharine clatterphonics of µ-ziq's 'Lunatic Harness'. However, there's also a lightness, almost a fey indie cuteness reminiscent of Mice Parade's jangly experiments; just as well, since 'Dummy Variations'' tartrazine explosion in an 80s videogame arcade would otherwise endear all but the hardiest to the nearest bottle of asprin. As it is, it might be too frenetically bleepy for some, but with tracks that variously sound like Pac-Man on euphoria, speak and spell Digimonstrosities in a liquidiser and two ZX Spectrums getting all touchy-feely at the rising of their very own pixelated sun it's impossible not to find it strangely endearing.

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