• Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Reviewed by MR (Overload Media)

    Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Being the latest of one Tatsuya Joseph Yoshida, he of the previous incarnation on Sub Rosa as Rom=Pari. The press release states that Joseph's strengths are creating "memorable melodic hooklines which evoke childhood". What this means is that these tracks, although undeniably inventive to these ears, come across as twee and noodling most of the time. Too cute for their own good, Joseph Nothing's Dummy Variations are an insanely catchy and incredibly irritating blend of found sound, elastic breakbeats, moaning ambience and thoroughly processed effects. This must be like having a child that seeks attention when you just want to watch the football. needless to say, fans of Mike Paradinas and associated chums will gobble this up. My foot will just not refrain from tapping and I guess you can tell I can't make up my mind whether I like this or not. Oh be quiet and eat your dinner!

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