• Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

    Joseph Nothing's debut album for Planet Mu Records (www.planet-mu.com) is surely the best release thus far from U-Ziq's hard-hitting leftfield label.

    From the opening track 'A Shine On Your Head', a fast-moving melody driven track that wouldn't sound out of place on U-Ziq's 'Brace Yourself' CD or Aphex Twin's 'Richard D James Album', you just know you're in for an 'intelligent dance music' treat.

    The album doesn't disappoint either, apart from the very occasional disposable track, 'Exotic Man Walking' and 'Belly Button Queen', it's an album packed with high quality, quirky, funny, funky, clever, melodic, stimulating and, yes... original sounding tunes. Other highlights include 'The Day Before Yesterday', 'The Day After Tomorrow' (advertisers should pay thousands for bite-size little gems like these), 'But Not For Me', 'Ballad For The Unloved', 'Divine Lowlife', 'A Bad Day In The Midlife' and 'Last Rights', all of which will have you whistling their tunes (or trying to!) for weeks.

    Tatsuya Yoshida (a.k.a. Mr...Nothing?) amazes the listener with the sheer quality of his composition and production ability which is equal to the 'biggies' of braindance, i.e. Aphex Twin, Wagon Christ and U-Ziq himself, but be warned, Nothing's music is at least as innately weird and challenging as the aforementioned artists, but as in their music, the undeniable beauty of the melodies will ease the cautious listener through (do cautious listeners actually come to this site? Lovers of MOR, abandon hope all ye who enter!).

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