• Hrvatski - Swarm & Dither

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    <b> Hrvatski </b> - Swarm & Dither

    not so much new material, more a collection of old tracks compiled here for his planet mu debut. another name that's been steadily gaining ground as a byword for quality american electronic music; hrvatski's schtick has been to wildly jump from one style to another with ease. and while this may add to the variety, it also hinders this from being a cohesive work.

    starts off in fine style though with the sleng-teng undertow of 'vatstep dsp', this originally appeared on the first tigerbeat 6 release and is a remix of an old kid 606 track. but it still has the ability to make one smile, the stuttering junglist stop-start rhythms, jazz funk samples all swamped with sub-bass and that hilarious vocal make for a modern classic......

    "so there's this kid, he mash it up all over the place with the dub plate pressure all up in your face, go tell that kid 6 0 6 do that ruff-neck soldier thing with the dsp, gwan have to modulate the ring"

    after that excellent start, the rest of the album struggles to match up to it, both in terms of ideas and execution. his rendition of the stones' 'paint it black' is both affectionate and trashy, splintered percussion and skipp-p-ped melodies bring it right up-to-date. audio-scum like '2nd zero fidelity mandible investigation' where whistled melodies clash with skull-f**king noise and sh-101 pads, showcase his scatter-brained attitude to composition. but these soon loose their appeal after repeated listens.

    but on the flipside, you also have pieces like 'echoes' where the limitations and introspection of a singular idea can result in some accomplished pieces. the killer track though is the stunning 'carrot (hrvatski's nightvision)' which manages to fuse gentle guitar picking and hoover sub-bass in two easy steps. not a great album by any stretch of the imagination; it actually may serve better as a handy guide to all that is happening with american electronic music at the moment.


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