• Hrvatski - Swarm & Dither

    Reviewed by Johnny C (noiseloop.com)

    <b> Hrvatski </b> - Swarm & Dither

    Debut on planet mu and follw up to 1998s acclaimed "Oiseaux 96-98".Hrvatski (aka Keith Fullerton Whitmore) delivers a highly imaginative and versatile debut. The
    album kicks off with the breakbeat led "Vatstep DSP" a remix of the Kid 606 classic and previously only available on cd.The album contains some truly beautiful electroacoustic moments such as the gorgeous "Carrot" and the quirky "Anaesthetise Thineself".The fucked up breaks emerge on "2nd Zero Fidelity Mandible Investigation" which alternates from mellow strings to abrasive beats and back again.one for the noiseheads.The boy Whitman shows his versatility with the eerie "Echoes" a haunting piano piece which sends shivers down the spine.The quirkiness continues with the foot stomping "Marbles" sampling a gameboy to glorious effect.The swansong is unexpected yet apt, a cover of a strange Swedish folk song.Nice.All in all a excellent album which adds to the ranks of planet mu very nicely.

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