• Mu Allstars - Criminal

    Reviewed by Paul Lloyd (Grooves mag)

    <b> Mu Allstars </b> - Criminal

    "Criminal" is a 6-track EP of various artists from the Planet Mu camp (some under pseudonyms) reworking famous pop tunes in their own unique style. The artists contributing are Mu-Ziq, Luke Vibert, Leafcutter John, Hellfish and Bit_Meddler.

    Rude Ass Tinkler (Mu-Ziq) is first up with a sliced and diced version of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This". Next is Butler Kiev (Luke Vibert) mixing Cylob's "Rewind" with Artful Dodger's "Re-Rewind" to great effect. Leafcutter John (under the name Taut French Joel) closes Side One by getting back to his roots with an acoustic folk version of Queen's "We Will Rock You". Side Two opens with a digitally hacked version of Eminem's "Criminal", twisted and tortured by Hellfish. This is followed by a nicely cut up version of Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle" by Bit_Meddler. The EP closes the way it started, with a cut up and distorted mix of MC Hammer tunes by Jolt The Furnace (Leafcutter John).

    An excellent release from Planet Mu and one that completely reworks well-known tracks but still leaves them instantly recognisable. Very amusing and creative, particularly Luke Vibert's take on "Re-Rewind", and also a statement in it's own right. Very cool.

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