• Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    Reviewed by Thomas H Green (Muzik)

    Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    Deriving as they do from a place where rave culture, Lenny Dee, hip-hop, jungle and hardcore techno all collide in one vast car crash, Hellfish & Producer often have a difficult time getting taken seriously by elitist cultural arbiters of popular taste. And indeed, their music is filled with enough sci-fi/kung-fu/just plain silly samples to put off po-faced leftfield purists. But if you really want something new, something with attitude pouring from every pore, this is it. The dynamics of hip-hop collide with kick-drums the size of Mars (and equally warlike) at about 200 bpm. Reasonable? Not at all, but who the Hell wants reasonable anyway? Mike Paradinas certainly doesn't as hepicked this bunch of singles up from the cottage-industry Deathchant label and now gives it avant-garde kudos. This is punk-rave -Schoolly D is once again on hand to anounce "No more fuckin' rock'n'roll" on one of the tracks. Let's have no more fuckin' anything - lose the plot in a wave of anarcho-bleeps and tightly programmed hammering. Oh yes.

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