• Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    Reviewed by Kevin Martin (TOP magazine)

    Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    For anybody bemoaning the lack of extremity in today's sterile club culture, check out Constant Mutation (Planet Mu)**** by HELLFISH & PRODUCER. High energy in the truly kinetic sense, this upgraded Gabba stomp is a DJ mix mutilation designed to give life to the dead. The Essex based underground duo manage to invite swing into their bunker, as their 220 plus bpm rates benefit from the impurity of breakbeats and attendent fx malfunktions. Their previously work with Silver Bullet adds spice as scratch fiend Hellfish demonstrates his logic defying turntable skills on the martial arts mash-up, 'Way Of the Homeboy PT.2'

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