• Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    Reviewed by Ben Borthwick (The Wire)

    Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    Whether this is gates-of-Hell Techno with Hardcore styling or the other way around I don't know, but it is brimming with the psychotic, indie-punk, whiteboy energy previously reserved for the likes of Kid606 and Panacea. Tracks like "The Way Of The Homeboy Pt.2 (The Winter Of Discontent)" pull in the standard turntablist references of kung fu movies and Old Skool samples, all cut up and set to a barrage of nosebleed Gabba beats. Classic rap soundbites are scattered throughout, but instead of the usual fundamentalist worship at the alter of the Mighty Old Skool, they lock onto its rawness and reinvigorate it. If any Old Skool is really being honoured here, it's Hardcore rave. The mix CD format makes sense: apart from showing off amazing skills, the idea of hearing any of these tracks individually seems anachronistic - it would be too polite.

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