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  • Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    Reviewed by Keith Cameron (netbeat)

    Hellfish & Producer - Constant Mutation (Mixed)

    Constant Mutation is a continuous mix album featuring tracks released on the Deathchant, Rebel Scum and Psychik Genocide labels between 1998 and 2000. The best description for the original music is probably ‘gabba’ and features relentless rapid-fire beats.

    Kicking off in (literally) explosive style, Constant Mutation opens with a series of increasingly manipulated explosions. This track, “Kicks In Unparalleled”, is mixed into “No More Rock ‘n’ Roll (Koala Fish Mutant Bird Mix)” which starts as it intends to continue, with a relentless barrage of kickin’ beats. These are not just beats for the hell of it, they are well in
    context with the general upbeat feel of the whole album, which can only be described as uplifting to the point of euphoric. “No More Rock ‘n’ Roll” not only beats the living daylights out of you, it also makes you want to freak out and go mad. That has to be a good thing. Such is the power of music. And these are just the first few tracks.

    Each of these tracks takes relentless rapid-fire thumping beats and adds a mass of cool samples, twisting and manipulating them in all directions. Some tracks are reworked by DJ Hellfish, some by The DJ Producer, others by both. All are digitally manipulated and generally messed around with, featuring scratches, digital distortion and a myriad of different samples.

    An excellent album of more than full-on beats that make you feel exhausted just listening to them. The beats are pounding and samples are used in the coolest way possible. Great for those times when you feel like putting something loud and thumping on and just going mental. Probably not the sort of album you'd want to listen to regularly though. Note too that the CD and LP versions both have a different running order and contain exclusive tracks.

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