• Leafcutter John - Microcontact

    Reviewed by Paul Lloyd (Grooves mag)

    Leafcutter John - Microcontact

    With this album, Burton’s sound has noticeably progressed. Each track is now increasingly abstract yet carefully and deliberately constructed. None of the tracks set out to be linear or repetitive, shifting all the time in an abstract but not overly complex manner. Simple music box melodies are combined with all manner of subtly utilised samples and glitchy metallic beats. As with the “Concourse EP”, each track on “Microcontact” is a subset of elements that shift and evolve within themselves to form a whole. This album moves away from the glitchy ambience of the “Concourse EP” and sways more toward the territory of Fennesz and Pimmon. “Microcontact” holds the attention, drawing you in and absorbing you into it. Ten tracks over 61 minutes with not even a track title to distract you from the listening experience. This is music to get lost in. Quite brilliant.

    An excellent album that should be explored further. A fine start to the year by Planet Mu and an album that sees Leafcutter John added to my list of essential purchases for the future. I would be surprised if this doesn’t make several people’s end of year lists. Very highly recommended.

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