• Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge

    Reviewed by 3818919/w (absorb.org)

    Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge

    right from the outset, this reeks of quality. firmly, and maturely fitting under the electronic listening music banner, this is classic analogue electronics at it's finest. there are strong nods towards the µ-ziq sound, (possibly a reason why tetlow has wowed planet-mu succesfully) with portamento analog lines leading the way on many of the tracks. with a definite depeche mode key, track 1 - 'the real miracle' - sounds, just for a second like this might just be another mike paradinas alias. but i'm assured this isn't the case. some tracks have radioheadesque qualities to them, track 3 - 'everything best' for example could almost be an electronic recreation of one of the oxford quintets' scores - save, of course for the lack of vocals. track 6, 'matasuro' again hints at either the strong u-ziq sonic influence, begs the alias question once more ... are we sure this isn't paradinas?! tr8 'muddy road' doesn't exactly help settle the argument, with the familiar paradinas alesis hr-16 drumsounds and fuzzbox fx evident in the mix - as well as the familiar d50 synth pads... okay, okay, i'm overanalysing here. whoever this is, this is first-rate stuff. if you're a µ-ziq/slazenger/spatula/planet-mu fan, this'll be right up yer alley. superior µ-tronics for the 21st century.


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