"Gentle electronics lightly burnished with wisps of good ol' fashioned melody"

  • Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge

    Reviewed by Dave Mothersole (Muzik)

    Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge

    Everything about this album, from the slightly dangerous title to the picture of Mr Tetlow standing in a boat wearing a wide-brimmed leopard skin hat, silk shirt and a Seventies Burberry-print jacket, has clearly been given a lot of thought. The music as one might expect, is introspective, fragile and at times quite dark. There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about it, as for the most part it stays true to the already established patterns of deep atmospheric electronica. It does however, possess a certain gentle grace that, coupled with its clever sense of space and timing, sets it apart from the ocean of other artily obscure Cds of similar studio noodling.


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