• Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge

    Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge

    HERE is a CD by a local lad, released in Great Britain about 10 days ago. And interesting it is, too. Before proceeding, I must declare an interest. Tim Tetlow is a friend of mine, but I would have enjoyed this music even without that connection - perhaps more so, since one tends to give one's friends a little more stick than one dishes out to strangers. Higher standards, and all that.How best to describe it? Industrial dub? Calling it "Kraftwerk for a new millennium" would be a start, except that there's greater depth to Tim's music. It's electronic; it has a snappy beat; it may even be "house music" for all I know. It's clearly dance music, and it works as such. The sound of machinery increasingly dominates out lives. Beauty doesn't often beep like a computer or a fax machine, but it plays inexorably into the "ghost in the machine" question that we have yet to resolve. It stands or falls, beyond its overall feel, onn the little melodies interwoven hither and yon. In fact, it stands. The work of the Chemical Brothers is probably the best reference I can come up with, because I am none too well versed in the specifics of this branch of modern music. This much I can tell you: this CD is well worth checking out. I had played Kraftwerk, oddly enough, before I put Beauty on, which is a fairly cosmic coincidence. I'm not certain if the CD is being sold in Bermuda, but it should be. I will find out and report back. Given the way music works, with the right distribution, this album might be racing up the UK charts by the time you read this. plus. Standout track: I'm not sure that idea applies here; this is a suite, more than a collection. You put it on, it flows over you like time, and then, when it's finished, you put it on again. Later in the day, you hum phrases from it. Not a bad system.

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