• Phthalocyanine - 25 Tracks Fer 1 Track

    Reviewed by Paul Lloyd (Igloomag.com)

    Phthalocyanine - 25 Tracks Fer 1 Track

    Phtalocyanine have previously released a CD and 2 EPs on the US label of the same name (known simply as Phthalo) between 1997 and 1998. "25
    Tracks Fer 1 Track" is their debut release for Planet Mu.

    This album is based around a barrage of digital beats underpinned with shuffling clanging metallic digital beats. It is not really noise but crafted layers of dark digital mayhem, some of which are manic, abstract and frantic and others that throb, scrape and pulsate in the background. There is a lot of distortion and effects used throughout.

    An interesting album with considerably deranged abstract tendencies. If abstraction and digital chaos is your thing, you'll love this.

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