• Leafcutter John - Concourse E.E.P.

    Reviewed by Paul Lloyd (Igloomag.com)

    Leafcutter John - Concourse E.E.P.

    John Burton (Leafcutter John) originally studied to be a painter, but found it more interesting creating electronic music to play in art galleries around the country. The "Concourse EP" is his first release for Planet Mu and follows just one other 2-track 7" single on Loose Change Records. The EP has been released on two formats, 12" vinyl and CD, the CD version containing an extra 3 tracks and being dubbed an "EEP". Burton uses field recordings and the output of sonic workshops (organised by himself) as soundsources. The tracks on this EP are probably best described as "glitchy ambience" comprising of ever-changing blips and tones with added distortion. Describing Burton's tracks is difficult as they are forever shifting and mutating within themselves, almost like tracks within tracks, as though Burton is conscious of avoiding repetition. This, however, is a good thing, as the tracks on this EEP hold the attention and never give you the chance to
    get tired of them. Strangely, the final track is an electro-acoustic folk song. Excellent stuff. The "Concourse EEP" is a carefully constructed, relatively abstract, non-repetitive work that is quite brilliant in content and an intriguing listen. Music for the mind. Recommended. Look out too for Leafcutter John's "Microcontact" full-length on Planet Mu in January 2001.

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