• Leafcutter John - Concourse E.E.P.

    Reviewed by Haydn (Isthismusic.com)

    Leafcutter John - Concourse E.E.P.

    The debut release for South London’s John Burton is described as "a sonic stew of found sounds and electronic atmospheres", which is a pretty apt explanation,but for me it more resembled a lot of drill and bass, techno and acid being puked up by some pissed robots. This sounds like it should be released on Warp, Rephlex or Planet U, and it is (well, on the latter anyway) but falls way short of the label’s superb other releases (Kid Spatula or Jega). If you’re into Aphex Twin or Add N To X you may get a kick out of it, but I found it too inconsistent and uneven, just when a cool noise pops up another one replaces it, before youve had time to enjoy it. Let me give you a quick run down of the tracks:
    1, CATHO: Begins how the rest of the e.p plans to go on: bleeps, noises, feedback, and what appears to be a band soundchecking. Then it degenerates into a sort of videogame.
    2, WOKTECH: Like early Aphex, but uneven, repetitive.
    3, FAN HEATER: More noises! Features what sounds like someone turning a light switch on, but it’s probably …mmm, er….a fan heater.
    4, CROMER: Could that be……? Yes I think it is! Some workmen moving tools about….WEIRD!
    5, WOODS AND RIVERS: Starts off with an electronic cricket chirping, has a beat, but then annoys you, AGAIN.
    6, BROWN MAN: 11 minutes of headache inducement, then a UFO appears, then it crashes, or something…
    7, AONSCHCT: An Aphex title if ever there was one. This features a sound which can only be explained as Phil Mitchell working under the arches, at midnight.
    8, BEAT: After seven tracks of a robot wanking you’ll be dying to hear a guitar again, and HERE IT IS. Unfortunately it’s too little too late. The singer warbles "I DON’T WANT TO BE LIKED" (we know!!), "I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE" (we know how you feel!), all in an acoustic stylee. The best track on the e.p. Recommended to people with a LOT of patience, Concourse E e.p, was a bit too impenetrable for me, but here’s hoping John’s mum likes it (it’s dedicated to her).

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