• Luke Vibert - '95-'99

    Reviewed by matthijs (Beats mag)

    Luke Vibert - '95-'99

    Everyone's favorite sampling loon Luke Vibert (Wagon Christ, Plug) returns with a cute twelve inch supposedly filled with leftovers from his youth. Not that this youth took place all that long ago, but if you compare the tracks on this disc to those on his more recent offerings, you get the distinct impression that someone has been through an inordinate amount of growth over the past few years. Is this the same Luke Vibert who stopped a nice, easy tearjerker halfway to demonstrate what the effect is of speaking through a ringmodulator or who started out one of his tracks with a recording of someone explaining what a snare drum sounds like (to name but two instances of his legendary zaniness)? Well, yes. Granted, you'll find none of his trademark "wall of obscure vinyl snippets" here. The beats are rather coarse and dry and his prime vehicle for bass-synthesizer (squelching and screeching, no less). Still, there's a distinct Vibert-ness in all four of the tracks on this collection. Call it cheeky, call it playful, if you've been exposed to his music before, you'll immediately recognize the hand of the master, despite the fact that the instrumentation is rather mundane. The melodies are reasonably cocky and amusing and the beats have enough of that tongue-in-cheek pimp flavor to them to keep a smirk on your face while you dance to them. And as we know Vibert will unleash a new, full-length Wagon Christ album upon us within the next few months, that's all we can ask of him for now.

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