• Luke Vibert - '95-'99

    Reviewed by Chris Z (Re:mote Induction)

    Luke Vibert - '95-'99

    Releasing several things as Plug and Wagon Christ, Luke Vibert has established himself in several musical circles - drum 'n bass, hip-hop, trip-hop, etc. On his newest release on mu-ziq's Planet Mu, he includes four songs recorded, I suppose, from 1995 to 1999 - and like I expected, they're very good. I only wish there was more of it.

    Luke Vibert's solo style is a sort of funky hip-hop type thing that would feel right at home on a label like Ninja Tune. If music had a color, Mr. Vibert's would be a bright orange (compared to most of what I listen to, which would be pitch black). His formula is in place on this EP, and it's as good as ever. His music is decidedly cheery and humorous, and it's one of those things you enjoy if you can't think of anything else to listen to. Simple, but very effective!

    His material as Luke Vibert has far more in common with Wagon Christ than with Plug; Plug is more a "wacky drum 'n bass" sound, which his other projects don't really have. They're still wacky, though. His drum programming is flawless, but it's the samples and synths he uses that gives his music its unique twist. Pricktat is a great example - that's unmistakably

    I'm glad to hear more from Luke, but this record's just too damn short. I hope he has an album out soon. If you're a fan of the Ninja Tune/Mo' Wax sound, or of course his other projects, do yourself a favor and get this new EP. And hope a new album comes out soon!

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