• Jega - Geometry

    Reviewed by Peter Orlov (CMJ New Music)

    Jega - Geometry

    Forget rocking simple blocks. Jega's all about sculpting high-end, abstract beat architecture, blowing it to smithereens, then watching where the sonic shrapnel lands. Digitally abrasive almost beyond the call of art on his '98 debut, Dylan "Jega" Nathan's new Geometry actually finds him reeling in his rhythmic prowess toward something that, at times, approaches contemplation. Not that he doesn't still enjoy acting like a hyper grad student running amok with a sampler, firing off percussive timbres every which way, setting machinery free to stalk the earth and redefine the industrial sect. But on a handful of tracks, Jega levies his BPMs with a calm ambience and begins to grapple with something different through his melodies, thus mirroring past moments of his peer Aphex Twin. By giving the best of these the title "Inertia," he makes it clear that his preferred modus operandi lies in rhythmic destructo-art. Still, in showing his circumspect side, Jega gives his drill-beats something resembling a context.

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