• Jega - Geometry

    Reviewed by Brian Gettler (Cardinal.com)

    Jega - Geometry

    Jega, a.k.a. Dylan J. Nathan, is obsessed with technology. As any good electronic artist knows, the world of computerized musical goodies provides an excellent basis for some fine-sounding tunes. Geometry, however, takes this ideology to a whole new level. Cinematic in scope and Commodore-based gaming in sound, Jega has produced an outstanding album that seems to deny the presence of human hands in its creation.

    Sounding like a nervous Star Trek-worshipping computer and feeling like the latest grim slice of futuristic anime, Geometry washes over the listener like the glimpses of the future allowed in Kubrick's "2001." Too many pop culture references? Not really. Geometry can really only be grasped in terms of science fiction (usually in the B-movie serial style of Flash Gordon).

    Going as far as to substitute underscores for spaces (a common programming trick allowing the use of multiple words in variable names), Jega places himself firmly in the computational metaphor that his music establishes. With tracks titled "Binary_Space" and "Recursion," Geometry seeks to completely disconnect the living being from the act of musical production--in the process creating a 1950s-style vision of the future that somehow seems to have really originated in a time beyond our own.

    The crowning moment of Geometry is its title track. While staying true to the warped static and unearthly blips of the rest of the album, "Geometry" somehow manages to allow the often sought, but rarely captured, grandiose and breathtakingly beautiful view of the landscape that technology allows the listener to experience (for a similarly successful tune see Björk's "Bachelorette").

    Geometry has the distinct aesthetic of a piece of history handed back to the present from the future. Jega has managed to grasp the popular clamor and feeling of the recent, computerized past and from it extrapolate a convincing sound for the future.

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