• Jega - Geometry

    Reviewed by The Milkman (isnotwas.com)

    Jega - Geometry

    Mancunian Dylan Nathan, aka Jega, studied architecture with label boss Michael Paradinas, and Richard D James. No surprise then that his music is very much associated with theirs. Not without reasons.

    Geometry displays some interesting signs of near genius, even if the album is not exactly revolutionary in itself. Nathan offers a wide range of genres here, from drill'n bass, that has been the trademark of the aforementioned in the past, to electronica, while maintaining some consistency all the way through. He likes playing with sounds, like in the pinball machine generator "Doric," but also knows to draw the attention of the listeners on his more melodic side, as shown on the title track, reminiscent of early Aphex Twin work. And that's where Jega is at his best: putting together delicate constructions, coming back to the woodwork time and time again to strengthen them. And despite the fact that the album sometime lacks of imagination, there is still enough good tracks to entertain.

    Jega seems to loose focus on a couple of occasions, but produces a generally good, if not unforgettable, album. The man is definitely talented, and once he has realised that even Aphex Twin has slightly walked away from the "drum kit falling down the staircase" syndrome lately, and concentrate more on the core musical issues, he will be joining his pals in the big players' league.

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