• Jega - Geometry

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Jega - Geometry

    specialising in breakneck hardcore techno with a junglist streak can be a lonely business. jega aka dylan nathan has been a dab hand at this for a while now, initially scaring the shit out of punters with his first few releases on the legendary mancunian label skam, he quickly found his sound and ended up (more comfortably) with mike paradinas' planet mu crew.

    even though he's reknowned for his speed terrorism on his ep's, his sound is more restrained on this album and the results are partly successful. fusing futurist techno with sci-fi soundtracks may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the output definitely sounds better than the idea. sounding more analogue than a pink floyd album, the influences vary from john carpenter to autechre especially on the moody 'syntax tree' which even manages to throw in some hardcore just for some good measure.

    'recursion' has his trademark syncopated strings searing over the cluttered shrapnel of percussion. things slightly sound more familiar with the title track which sounds like a horribly skewed piece of muziq while some relief comes in the form of 'breakpoint envelope' which harks back to some of the material found on those earlier rare ep's. the later tracks do suffer from a lack of focus though and end up like some rejected pansonic b-sides. but mention must go to 'interia' and 'binary space', which are weightless and spacey, man.

    this is definitely more abstract and experimental than his debut 'spectrum', although that hasn't guaranteed its success. the main joy to be had from those initial releases was the skillful mix of sleek techno with old school hardcore. here, due to the rejection of the rave, the appeal is somewhat diminished.

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