• Capitol K - Roadeater E.P.

    <b> Capitol K </b> - Roadeater E.P.

    With an impressive debut album under their belts already, Roadeater takes the campaign nationwide. Opening track Pillow is as close to a pure pop song as they've got so far. It's got an annoying 'singing in the bath' type vocal, but what hooks you in is the neat Cornelius cut-up style of the backing, with its breezy tune and slashed around synth sounds. There's more to come, as Naxxar and Superheroes wield eastern scales and super-heavy rhythms, which put me in mind of Flowers of Romance-era Public Image Ltd. Closer Big Submarine (Polaris Mix) is awe-inspiring - bone-rattling drums intorducing a huge Suicide drone and a sackfull of chaotic electronica. A great finish to a good EP: turn on Capitol K.

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