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  • Kid Spatula - Full Sunken Breaks

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    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Full Sunken Breaks

    just when you thought it was safe to relax, thinking you knew all about mike 'µ-ziq' paradinas' repertoire. how his excellent 'royal astronomy' blended sweet classical music with all that nasty electronic toughage and how you'd would put up with it just for the nice bits. well he's back under an old alias and i'll guarantee you'll run for cover.

    while the rest of us are made of sterner stuff and can put up with the opening catchy and breakbeat-driven gusto of 'dirtwah', others may find the extreme gabba-esque headfuck of 'hard love' or the simply unlistenable belch of 'xxx' a bit too much. but there loads of 'nice' bits as well. but hey, that mike, he sure knows how to craft a tune. check out the beautiful chords on the criminally short 'epic blusta' or the pop-like intro on 'milk bottle tops', the wonderful piano coda of 'another fresh style' or the chilled ambience of 'snorkmaiden' and 'qisope'.

    beats wise, he is a don, drum'n bass being the main tool here, the way 'beaver' builds up is very, very clever indeed. the salsa bop of 'dancing demons' is really funky and how it turns into something else entirely different midway. whereas on 'royal astronomy' he allowed ideas to develop over time, here it seems like he's almost in a (snare) rush, most tracks being short two minute bursts.

    the japanese vocalist, kazumi, who lent her vocals to his previous album appears again on the funked up 'jar jar binx' and also the classicist 'not the fear'. finally mention must go to 'hill street blues' which i've had on repeat for a while now. compared to the other works, this is a generally more 'upbeat' album. less serious then 'royal astronomy' and as a result this is mike in a happy mood. catch him while it lasts.


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