"Mike "ยต-Ziq" Paradinas and Jochem "Speedy J" Paap get worked over by electronica elite"

  • Slag Boom Van Loon - So Soon

    Reviewed by John Mulvey (UNCUT)

    <b> Slag Boom Van Loon </b> - So Soon

    An ironic title, perhaps, given the originals of these thracks appeared back in 1998. Still, the calibre of remixers assigned to Slag Boom Van Loon's tweaked acid and Krautrock updates suggest "So Soon" was worth the wait. Four Tet pokes up "Sutedja" with his trademark blend of martial beats and easy-going melodies, while Berlin dub maestro Pole adds what sounds like a massively amplified flea circus to "Casual". The main reason for picking this up, though, are two mixes of "Poppy Seed" transformed into gorgeous floating pastorales by Warp's poster boys, Boards Of Canada.

    To fill the long days until BOC finish their second album, these will do nicely.

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