• Slag Boom Van Loon - So Soon

    Reviewed by Richard Hector-Jones (Jockey Slut)

    <b> Slag Boom Van Loon </b> - So Soon

    Speedy J's absurd sounding pseudonym has in the past allowed him to get increasingly inaccesible which, if you've heard his recent material, is an almost comical conceit. "So Soon" sees him pull out all the stops to get his stuff remixed by the cream of the leftfield crop - though one suspects label boss Mike Paradinas might have put in a lot of the calls here. The result is two new tracks (sorry, remixes) from those kings of the productivity bonus Boards Of Canada, Coil (we'll get to you later, weirdos), Fuel's Dave Tipper, Pole and Paradinas himself. Lesser mortals would have felt threatened by such talent but the Boards material maintains that warm, plaintive melancholia that granted them their name. Coil, of course, do quite the opposite, producing what they'd no doubt proudly call an unholy discordance and, most surprisingly, Tipper drops the dancefloor in favour of a fascinating electronica.

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