• Horse Opera - 3 Cornered Room

    Reviewed by Brian Rachielles (grooves mag)

    <b> Horse Opera </b> - 3 Cornered Room

    After Horse Opera's contribution to the Mealtime comp on Mike Paradinas' Planet mu label, I was expecting Three Cornered Room to be more of a tweaked out drum n' bass workout than it actually is. Instead, Horse Opera lead us on a trek through 30 minutes of Vibert-ian style hip-hop. Rarely touching anything resembling drum n' bass, Three Cornered Room is full of squelchy synth lines, 808 kicks, and slightly mutated breaks. The CD runs the full gamut, from a half-hearted take on the Prince motif "Sexy MF" to somewhat of a remix (?) of a few older A Tribe Called Quest tracks on the closing "House of the Jazz." More than just an update to the current crop of abstract headz, Horse Opera could hold its own against the best of the current crop of break manipulators.

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