• Jega - Spectrum

    <b> Jega </b> - Spectrum

    I was surprised to see this record picked up for major Stateside promotion. Much of the material strays far from accessibility, lingering instead in odd rhythms and queasy synth sounds, with the occasional foray into jungle's bucktoothed cousin, drill and bass. Dylan Nathan built his reputation as Jega on the mighty Skam label out of Sheffield, but unlike his often minimalist label mates, he will often go for rather thick production. Obvious parallels are to older Squarepusher, but comparisons really don't do much justice to Jega's original sound. The Matador release has two new tracks from last year's import, "Unity Gain" and "Naem." He never uses the same rhythm structure twice, so while some tracks might not resonate with you, others might. MUSIC BEST SUITED FOR... riding a rollercoaster backwards with a head full of psychedelics, amphetamines, Quaaludes, and GHB.

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