• Jega - Spectrum

    <b> Jega </b> - Spectrum

    Since i adore U-Ziq so much, then anything he releases on his very own label is surely worth investigating, so that is why i bought this cd without hearing a thing about them first. I know Jega has released a few things on the Skam label from Manchester, and also some tracks on compilations, so i was very interested to see if this would live up to the high quality of Mike Paradinas own releases as U-Ziq. Well i have to say that there is a lot of potential there, and some really good tracks, but it doesn't really jel together as an album. There are a lot of interesting styles used, such as breakbeat, drum n bass, chinese classical and cheesy melodies (ala U-Ziq!). However the initial whoop of excitement dies down after track three, and it doesn't return again until the last four or five tracks. Meaning essentially that the middle isn't upto much. However that's not to say that the tracks are particularly bad, but just that they seem dull and inoffensive next to the good stuff. If this album was released with the dull ones taken out, and one or two more good tracks, then this could very well be close to fabulous! But as it is it isn't quite the essential item i would like it to be. Anyway, here's some descriptions of the best tracks. The opening'phalanx' sets the scene well. A moog bassline (sounding similar to 'smothered hope' by Skinny puppy!) rumbles along, with a nice rolling breakbeat. As the track goes on a couple of different melody lines kickin, and the tune is really on its way! 'Kid sista' is another stormer, but this time much slower. Some chinese style instruments play out the melody to a slow beat. Nice synths fill the track with warmness, and another classic is on the cards! Fans of U-Ziq, looking for similar stuff will love 'musical chairz' and 'bikini ski boat', which are both rather reminiscent of the early period of his career. There are several drum n bass related tunes, and both hard step and the mental Squarepusher styles are catered for. However the best tune of the lot is the very last track called 'Manic Miner'! Yes the classic spectrum game. What this does is sample the sounds of the noise and whirrs of a spectrum loading a game! This is maniacally sequenced with some frantic drums to create the most innovative, fun and cheesy track i can imagine! Absolutely amazing stuff, and shows what Mr Jega is capable of! As I said before, not quite as good as it could have been, but for all Warp, Rephlex and Skam fans (like me!), this is still essential! Even worth buying for the manic minor track alone!

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