• Jega - Type Xer0

    Jega - Type Xer0

    After two Jega eps on Skam, Dylan J Nathan releases his first record on Mike Paradinas's Planet µ label. This one features four tracks in varying styles. The a1 is a dark squelchy electro cut with spacey synths and percussion that alternates between jazzy breakbeats & hip hop beats. During the hip hop segments there are dark synth lines and distorted vocal samples. The a2 is another dark electro cut with more of a retro or old skool flavor. It starts with lots of building acid lines then adds some nice spacey synths. The b1 is a hardstep d&b track with dark electro-tinged synth lines and reverbed sound effects. The ep closes with a nice melodic autechre-like electronica piece that is more like a track off the first Jega ep on Skam. This is a good ep if you like dark breakbeaty electro. If you're looking for the Jega-style of his first ep on Skam, you may want to avoid this one. 7/10

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