• Jega - Type Xer0

    Reviewed by Stephen Dalton (NME)

    Jega - Type Xer0

    However ugly the term, drill'n'bass still sounds perfect for Dylan "Jega" Nathan and hisjarringly abstract machine-gun beat collages. Sometimes his ultra-precise work is easier to appreciate as engineering rather than music, but here he's fired up and on cracking form. Taken from his imminent "Spectrum" album, "Pitbull" is a layered confection of elegant cinematic melody, bruising hip-hop breaks and sense-shredding metallic junglism. The stealthy, spring-loaded clatter of "Carbon 60" seems to be fashioned out of ulta-light alloy, while "Intron V" and "Naem" are Aphex-tinged collisions of randomised rhythm and kindergarten melody. It no doubt all makes perfect sense to Nathan, but it remains disturbingly beautiful to untuned ears.

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