• shitmat: untitled 7"

    Shitmat - Shopliftin' Gabba

    Reviewed by ben perini (absorb.org)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Shopliftin' Gabba

    for a genre that has been recently inundated with me too acts, why is it so easy to distinguish shitmat from all the trite wannabes? well, if done properly, assembling one of these mashups or audio fucks or whatever the fucks you wants to calls thems, which generally consist of digitally blended top-40 hits, familiar pop-culture samples, and complex drum programming, is not a simple gesture to perform. so for all the haters out there: shitmat's one of

  • planet mu allstars: criminal '02

    Mu Allstars - Criminal '02

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Mu Allstars - Criminal '02

    it had to be really, hadn't it? i mean, the idea of taking harmless (and not so harmless) pop tunes and proverbially spewing digital vomit all over them to make them sound as fucked as possible is not a new one. but this release smartly bookends the genre since the release of the first criminal ep, way back in october 2000.

    eight tracks of music that'll you make you laugh, cry, wiggle and want to kill someone violently. possibly all at the

  • Slag Boom Van Loon - Slag Boom Van Loon

    Reviewed by Brian J.Dillard Source: (Armchair DJ)

    Slag Boom Van Loon - Slag Boom Van Loon

    One might have expected this team-up between electronic prankster Mike "Mu-ziq" Paradinas and breakbeat convert Jochem "Speedy J" Paap to end in abject failure. After all, a similar collaboration between Paradinas and like-minded experimentalist Richard D. James produced little inspiration but plenty of tiresome pastiche. More to the point, Mu-ziq's 1997 remix of Speedy J's "Ni Go Snix" was a tedious cacophony. Instead of studio sniggering or art-school

  • Tusken Raiders - Bantha Trax Vol.2

    Reviewed by Scot Gelinas Source: (skinny.com)

    Tusken Raiders - Bantha Trax Vol.2

    He of many monikers, Mike Paradinas, returns to his Tusken Raiders alias to put out these two new 12"s on his own Planet Mu imprint. Bantha Trax vol.2 does not resemble the original Bantha Trax released by Clear records in the least. What we have actually has more in common with Panacea and the Position Chrome crew. Yes, it is over the top, brutal dark drum and bass. And hey, to make the package complete, you get song titles like "Death" and "Ice