• Julian Fane - Our New Quarters

    Reviewed by The Wire

    <b> Julian Fane </b> - Our New Quarters

    Julian Fane is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada whose vision is epic, sprawling and dreamlike. 'Our New Quarters' is the natural follow-up to 2004's 'Special Forces', only this time his high pitched vocal is the more prominent instrument. While vast shifting clouds of string arrangements, pulsating synthesize shadows, haunted organ embellishments, and complex beat patterns hover overhead, his unsettling siren voice emerges from the Lynchian gloom of the charred soundtrack like a strange hybrid of Scott Walker, Robert Wyatt and Radiohead.

  • Mysterious Canadian

    Last Step - Last Step

    Reviewed by DJ magazine

    <b> Last Step </b> - Last Step

    Those that caught Last Step's last EP will know what to expect from this debut. A mix of scenic electronic sketches and floor-led smashers that mix up acidic basslines with steely beats and warped melodies, it showcases a producer in thrall to electronic music in all it's glory.
    Paul Sullivan ****

  • FFF - The Feeling

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    FFF - The Feeling

    The excellent Planet Mu pay a return visit to their raved-up hardcore roots with this debut twelve from Dutch producer T.De Roos who finds himself generating a kind of classic '92 Hardcore variation, littered with classic rave stabs and healthy Amen breaks, just the way we like it. Having just spent the evening yesterday listening to long lost Hardcore twelves from '92-'93 thanks to a friend who's just scored a van full of the stuff (and believe me -

  • -

    Reviewed by Subba-Cultcha


    Chris Reeves captured popular electro-imagination with his 2003 release, Remedial. Since then he’s been relatively low profile compared to some his Planet Mu buddies but his new Love Collection (with suitably romantic sleeve), should rattle more than a few robots.

    First track White, and one of the strongest here, kicks things off with an almost danceable pace and plenty of strings and other Aphex-like hisses. This sound is later mirrored on