• DJ Nate

    DJ Nate - Da Trak Genious

    Reviewed by JON CARAMANICA Source: (New York Times)

    <b> DJ Nate </b> - Da Trak Genious

    The dance maneuvers pulled off by participants in Chicago’s footwork battles can be jaw dropping: perhaps 75 percent of the movement is happening below the waist, and 75 percent of that below the knee. Plenty of competitions are archived on YouTube, and they’re as noteworthy for their soundtracks as the visuals. Footwork music is an offshoot of juke, a herky-jerky stripe of Chicago house music, and the roots of footwork and juke can be traced to

  • Solar Bears – She Was Coloured In

    Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

    Reviewed by Freddy Woodhouse Source: (craccum)

    <b> Solar Bears </b> - She Was Coloured In

    In a world that is beset by illegal wars, natural disasters and Michael Laws calibre racists, it is only natural that musicians should try to produce music chill enough to counteract a fundamentally un-chill world.

    Unfortunately, most efforts have bounced off my thick, un-chill hide which has been hardened by study, angst, and the crushing disappointment of listening to bands that were thought to be chill, but were actually chronically

  • Numan Race Against Time

    Numan - Race Against Time

    Reviewed by Javier Blánquez Source: (Playground)

    <b> Numan </b> - Race Against Time

    Mike Paradinas’ ability to detect freak movements below the surface of the British music scene is more highly developed than the sense of smell of the drug hounds at airports. It’s not about discovering one impressive talent per year anymore –the amount of hidden small geniuses he brings out of anonymity has been growing over the years to an unsuspected volume. How many artists has Planet Mu signed this year alone already? Many of us have

  • Bangs & Works vol.1 Review

    - Bangs & Works Vol.1

    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (indiebandwagon)

    <b> </b> - Bangs & Works Vol.1

    With the closest brush with mainstream only being Chicago duo Dude N Nem’s single ‘Watch My Feet’ hitting the charts and Missy Elliot featuring the Full Effect troupe in her ‘Lose Control’ video and bringing footworkers onstage during the 2005 BET Awards, footwork (or interchangeable with its ‘predecessor’ juke) has largely been a danceform that has been confined to the borders of Chicago. A cat that is slowly being let out of the