• Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated EP

    Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated E.P.

    Reviewed by Oli Marlow Source: (R:A)

    <b> Slugabed </b> - Ultra Heat Treated E.P.

    Slugabed's peculiar strain of squashed and rigidly fashioned instrumental hip-hop has infiltrated heads for months now. In fact, his particularly masculine brew of square wave stomping dates back to 2008, so it's a little odd to think that this, the Ultra Heat Treated EP on Planet Mu, will only be his second solo 12-inch.

    It nonetheless both underlines his accomplishment to date as well as marking a confident stride into the arena of

  • Kuedo: Dream Sequence EP

    Kuedo - Dream Sequence E.P.

    Reviewed by Mike Burn Source: (Fact Magazine)

    <b> Kuedo </b> - Dream Sequence E.P.

    This EP from Jamie Vex’d’s new incarnation sees the logical continuation of the style he first introduced with his rapturous remix of Scuba’s ‘Twitch’.

    Lead track ‘Starfox’ pummels out dangerous shards of bass energy and synth sweeps as it gallops along angularly. It’s like a hyperfunked John Carpenter soundtracking an assault on a video game arcade. Or, imagine the opening sequence of Bladerunner, careering into a carnival of

  • Starkey Ephemeral Exhibits

    Starkey - Ephemeral Exhibits

    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (Boomkat)

    <b> Starkey </b> - Ephemeral Exhibits

    After a string of massively well recieved 12"s for Werk Discs, Lo Dubs, Ruff, Trouble&Bass and his own Starksound imprint, Philly based producer Starkey unloads his debut album for the esteemed Planet Mu label. Starkey was one of the first American heads to turn on to UK grime and dubstep styles some years back, and has since developed his own brand of hyper-riffin and electro infected grime which has found him favour with Jamie Vex'd who picked him

  • Neil Landstrumm Lord for £39

    Neil Landstrumm - Lord For £39

    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (Boomkat)

    <b> Neil Landstrumm </b> - Lord For £39

    Neil Landstrumm follows the phenomenal success of his 'Restaurant Of Assasins' LP with his second longplayer for Planet Mu on 'Lord for £39', a title which apparently refers to being a baron on the cheap, and hijacking the the system after greed has caused it to fail and getting on top (nope, us neither). Landstrumms skill with 'RoA' was magpie picking the best elements from some 20 years of dance and rave culture in the UK, but 'Lord...' looks to