• Julian Fane - Our New Quarters

    Reviewed by Subba-Cultcha

    <b> Julian Fane </b> - Our New Quarters

    Our New Quarters is Vancouver born Julian Fanes second release. His first, Special Forces, received wide acclaim. The question is can he follow that up or will he be bitten by the cursed second album bug?

    No, he won’t. Our New Quarters is a beautiful, intimate album of electronically driven, melancholy pop. It can be neatly compared to Thom Yorkes solo album eraser. Fanes naked, childlike voice echoes that of Yorke, whilst his sparse and

  • The Gasman - Love Collection

    Reviewed by Future Music

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Love Collection

    A collection of love songs on Planet Mu? What kind of strange love could you have that would warrant such a valentines gift? Hmmmmm...As you'd expect its not exactly Whitney Houston (unless she's on one of her benders with Bobby Brown). It's frantic, powerful, eclectic and occasionally dazzling. You'll probably be as equally blown away by some bits as you will be disapointed by others, but you've got to admire the programming.

  • Distance - My Demons

    Reviewed by One Week To Live

    <b> Distance </b> - My Demons

    Evolving from the darker 2-step stylings of Oris Jay, El-B, Zed Bias, Artwork, Horsepower and co. at the turn of the century, as the UK garage movement floundered, and ultimately sunk, amid the choppy seas of shiny MTV Bass culture, Dubstep is making serious waves at the moment (at least if column inches are a good judge of popularity?) The thing is, despite a handful of good compilations, dubstep long players are few and far between. One of the

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    Reviewed by iDJ


    Julian Fane's 2004 debut album, 'Special Forces', recalls Radiohead and Ulrich Scnauss but remained individual enough to mark him out as one to watch. In the time its taken him to record this follow-up, Thom Yorke has set the bar for what's achievable as a singer with a home studio (albeit assisted by one of the worlds greatest producers) at a rather daunting height for those who have to compete.