• Kyler - Pur Cosy Tales

    <b> Kyler </b> - Pur Cosy Tales

    Kyler is the newest alias of Brighton-based sonic anarchist and enfant terrible Henry Collins, aka Shitmat. Known for his subversive cartooning of sample-based music on albums like “Full English Breakfast”, his unpredictable live set has become famous worldwide.

    Here he’s adopting a gentler persona, using samples and “found sounds” to create an atmospheric noise-collage which goes for mood rather than outrage. There’s no way you could call

  • Hellfish - One Man Sonic Attack Force

    Reviewed by Jim Siegel (The Brain)

    <b> Hellfish </b> - One Man Sonic Attack Force

    Any producer that samples dialogue from the film Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas scores big points in my book. The line in question, in which the journalist/protagonist Dr. Gonzo is ruminating on the joy and irony of "running a savage burn on one Las Vegas hotel and then just wheeling across town and checking into another" captures the spirit of Hellfish's hardcore techno perfectly. Hellfish has made a career out of wreaking havoc on classic rap tunes, often fusing

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    Reviewed by Sheikh Ahmed (Failme.net)


    Initially spat out with ill-advised artwork to a disinterested audience, this debut from Manchester's Virus Syndicate gets a much-needed re-release with new artwork and new tracks. Musically tight, MRK1's efficient production and choice use of samples give the MC's a vibrant, filmic backdrop to perform on.

    They achieve near perfect pop on moments like 'Throwing in the towel' and 'Ready To Learn'. The highlight of course is the confrontational street-swagger of 'Slow

  • Virus Syndicate - The Work-Related Illness

    Reviewed by demented toddler (Musicalbear)

    <b> Virus Syndicate </b> - The Work-Related Illness

    manc grime outfit virus syndicate more than deliver on this impressive debut album. it contains a few tunes worthy of classic status, some smart, inventive production, and delightful lyrical turns. the record sits easily beside the best work of the london crews, with the odd borrowing from them (like kano’s "nursery rhyme / first rewind" rhyme). the tunes are by mark one, whose instrumentals featured on rephlex’s 2004 grime showcase. mc jsd, goldfinger, and