• Barry Lynn - Balancing Lakes

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    <b> Barry Lynn </b> - Balancing Lakes

    Will the real Barry Lynn please stand up? Under the moniker Boxcutter, 22 year old Lynn has already released two albums of effortlessly micro-produced, virtuosic, hyper dubstep entitled 'Oneiric' and 'Glyphic' respectively. Prior to Oneiric's release in 2005, however, he was still honing his production skills, sending hordes of demos of eclectic, frenetic experimentalism to Mike Paradinas at Planet Mu. These tracks, produced from 2002-2005, comprise 2008's

  • Tom Burbank - Famous First Words


    <b> Tom Burbank </b> - Famous First Words

    It's about time I got my hands on this instant keeper from one of my favorite labels, Planet Mu. Part glitchy IDM, part instrumental trip hoppy beats, part experimental jazzy downtempo, Burbank's got my head bopping with every track, reminiscent of productions by Prefuse 73, edIT, RJD2, and Nautilis. The more I listen, the more the melodies implant themselves into my mind - and after half a dozen rotations, I am humming along with the sampled, scratched and processed

  • The Gasman - Audiogold

    Reviewed by The Wire

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Audiogold

    This is the Gasman's fourth album for Planet Mu, and while it is a case of more of the same, it's a same well worth savouring. The cover is a knowing nod to lost technologies - Audiogold manufactured C60, C90, and C120 tapes, and their trademark artwork is faithfully reproduced here. The Gasman retains what has become known as his 'Gaylord' sound, in which rave is juxtaposed with mansion house intimations of cobwebbed chandaliers and decaying grandeur; a higher bpm

  • Boxcutter - Glyphic

    Reviewed by The Wire

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Glyphic

    Based in his native Northern Ireland, Boxctter's interventions in the dubstep scene come from way outside its normal geographic borders of South London plus East London's Plastic People club. On Glyphic, you can feel how being free of those boundaries helps keep boxcutter outside the limitation's of the scenes conventions. Listening to, say, Planet Mu's forthcoming Ten Tons Heavy compilation of its own dubtep releases, you can admire the intense focus of the musical