• Venetian Snares - Horsey Noises

    Venetian Snares - Horsey Noises

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    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Horsey Noises

    OK, just so we're clear. The refrain of the track is "Hey Horseteeth Girl, I want to make you make horsey noises..."! So basically, Venetian Snares can do whatever he wants with this and it's the best song I've heard all year. True story: I joined an online dating site and my roommate and I have opposite girl taste—he likes these roundfaced roly-poly girls and I like long faced (as he calls them) "ponies." So this song is basically my anthem. I love me a horseteeth

  • Love Is a Liability

    FaltyDL - Love Is A Liability

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    <b> FaltyDL </b> - Love Is A Liability

    According to the Love is a Liability Press release, “Planet Mu has a long and distinguished record of breaking new and exciting artists”. A glance at www.planet-mu.com and one starts to realise how many artists they have given a “break” too. Their roster is huge, and you start to think that surely not every release is good, is it?

    Dubstep is becoming a bit of a craze these days. With big sleezy bass wobbles coupled with irresistibly dancy two step

  • LUKE VIBERT We Hear You

    Luke Vibert - We Hear You

    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - We Hear You

    Lord Vibert is back, once again on Planet Mu, which seems to have become a semi permanent home for his eclectic blend of electronic music. One of the forefathers of modern electronica, and a long-time friend of Richard D. James, Tom Jenkinson or Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas, Vibert’s back catalogue spans more genres than these three put together. Ambient, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, library music, acid or funky disco have all been part of his diet, whether he

  • Boxcutter (aka Barry Lynn) is from Lurgan, Northern Ireland and Arecibo Message is his third album release on Planet Mu and there’s quite a few folks saying it’s his best yet.

    Boxcutter - Arecibo Message

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    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Arecibo Message

    In comparison to Planet Mu’s last album release, Remano Eszildn’s R-Tracks, Arecibo Message is a very straight forward dubstep come acid rave up album. But hang on a minute, just because there’s a lack of leftfield experimental, ambient, electro but this isn’t a one-trick album; far from it. Like the many moods of shoegazing (as in Cathedral Classics), there’s as loads of influences on Arecibo Message.

    And just to prove the point, ‘Free House