• Oriol – Coconut Coast

    Oriol - Coconut Coast

    Reviewed by Sam Constable Source: (City Lifers)

    <b> Oriol </b> - Coconut Coast

    Keeping them coming thick and fast, Planet Mu shoots out the next bright star into the sky, Oriol. Real name Oriol Singhji, this latest addition to the planet Mu team originated from Barcelona and now resides between London and Cambridge. This EP sees his debut on the late, propped up firmly by reworks of Faulty DL, Shortstuff & Jake Slazenger.

    Oriol’s approach is somewhere between 70s exploits of legends such has Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder, more modern

  • Falty DL – Phreqaflex

    FaltyDL - Phreqaflex

    Reviewed by Sam Constable Source: (Cityfliers)

    <b> FaltyDL </b> - Phreqaflex

    Carving his own style out of the woodwork from day one, Drew Lustman (aka Falty DL) has pushed himself to the forefront of electronic music over the past couple of years. With astounding releases on both Ramp and Planet Mu, remixes worthy of a separate release in themselves, and solo ventures pushing deep into unknown territory, it’s easy to see why Drew’s made such progress in such relativity short time.

    Title track “Phreqaflex” opens up beautifully.

  • DJ Nate: ‘Hatas Our Motivation’

    DJ Nate - Hatas Our Motivation

    Reviewed by Tom Lea Source: (Fact Magazine)

    <b> DJ Nate </b> - Hatas Our Motivation

    Planet Mu have taken it upon themselves this year to provide music from the Chicago juke and footwork scenes, the majority of which is only available to listeners outside the US via Youtube clips or mp3 sites, with properly distributed physical releases. A compilation is in the pipeline, along with albums by key footwork artists DJ Rashad and DJ Nate, who here precedes his long-player with a six-track EP for the label.

    Footwork is dance music in its purest form

  • FaltyDL - Phreqaflex EP [Planet Mu]

    FaltyDL - Phreqaflex

    Reviewed by Rory Gibb Source:

    <b> FaltyDL </b> - Phreqaflex

    As insanely prolific as Drew Lustman is, it’s still been possible to trace a definite forward shift in his music, between the glassy urban surfaces of last year’s excellent Love Is A Liability long-player and Bravery’s cooler, more reflective ambience (and again between this year’s housey All In The Place EP and this new release for Planet Mu). Phreqaflex is the first of two new 12” releases for the label, showcasing the two-step side of his musical persona