• Joseph Nothing - Dreamland Idle Orchestra

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Joseph Nothing - Dreamland Idle Orchestra

    ok, please don't do what we did and let this one pass you by. you just don't understand how difficult it is sometimes. running a (non-profit making) site such as this whilst juggling married life and a 'proper' job means that some records just don't get listened to until well after their release date. we try our best, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. what i can't figure out is how it happened to this one, i mean it's out on planet mu (a label which we hold with

  • Nautilis - Are You An Axolotl

    Reviewed by NDv (Jockey Slut)

    <b> Nautilis </b> - Are You An Axolotl

    In which Texan electronicist Skyler McGlothlin wisely looks beyond standardized clicks and glitches. Fusing late 80's hip hop, gnarly rapping and 70's soul soundtracks amongst the glassy electronic scenery, he's come up with a scintilating set that leaves most contemporary electronica contenders for dead. Even without such lateral thinking, Nautilis' twinkling piano sweeps, evocatively weary atmosphere and pin-sharp rhythmical cascades collude to remind us why

  • DJ Hekla - Eruption 1970

    Reviewed by Found Sounds (DJ magazine)

    <b> DJ Hekla </b> - Eruption 1970

    (Leftfield & Chill single of the issue 4-17 May)

    Some quality releases from Paradinas' Mu label at the moment, what with the excellent Nautilis album and the current guitar-led Weaver single. Adding weight to the cause, Hekla also gets involved, contributing a cut-up led seven that pays tribute to the hottest drummers from the funk era ("Eruption 1970") in a manic collage of breaks under an undulating soundscape. An equally tempting schizophrenic nugget on the

  • Nautilis - Sketches Vol.1

    <b> Nautilis </b> - Sketches Vol.1


    Texas fella Skyler McGlothlin does his bit in contributing to Planet-Mu’s finest run of releases to date, Nautilis capturing the electronic mood of the moment perfectly, and adding a few sparkling twists of its own just for good measure. ‘Sketches..’ shines from end to end across 6 tracks of melodic and gently abrasive melodies, beats and rumbles. ‘Rachesta’ opens us up to classic IDM (oh how we hate the word) - expertly produced