Remarc - Sound Murderer

    Reviewed by Dhanu (planet dub)

    <b> Remarc </b> - Sound Murderer

    REMARC – SOUND MURDERER It is jungle music like this that you hear on Remarc’s “Sound Murderer” album that helped to lay the jungle foundations back in the early 90s. It is the sound that smashed up the dance floors at Laser Drome, Roast, AWOL and Thunder & Joy. That classic “Amen” break, the ragga and gangsta vocals, and the phat b-lines! This album captures all of these qualities and everything that is the true essence of jungle. Anyone who has been

  • URBAN MYTH & STEVE BERESFORD Live At The Friends Meeting House

    Urban Myth & Steve Beresford - Live At The Friends Meeting House

    Reviewed by Colin Buttimer (the music factory)

    Urban Myth &amp; Steve Beresford - Live At The Friends Meeting House

    This recording documents an evening of what sounds like freely improvised music in Brighton in early January of last year. The music was played by Urban Myth whose members are Jim Black (guitar), Adam Bushell (vibraphone), Henry Collins (laptop) and Kirsten Elliott (flutes, melodica) and their guest Steve Beresford (piano and electronics). Beresford is the name party here: he has played with all manner of people, from African Head Charge to Flying Lizards, from The

  • dDamage - Radio Ape

    <b> dDamage </b> - Radio Ape

    ddamage have been around for a while, quietly working away on a range of interesting projects. before this latest outing on planet mu they’d already released two albums, collaborated with t.t.c, mike ladd and dose one to name but a few and had tracks out on a number of comps for labels like tsunami addiction, v/vm and the squat sampler on kraked and associated industries. with the release of radio ape these boys can now begin to enjoy the level of exposure they

  • OOO - Upon Cycles

    <b> OOO </b> - Upon Cycles

    Only two circles are needed to form the sign for endless. The possibilities for OOO aka Nicholas C. Raftis III are also endless. He chose to build sounds into delicate, post-modern, complex structures of what is only badly described as electronic music. Greatly talented with the gift of almost intuitively finding the right beats and sounds to put together, he stays with computer-generated sounds that range from old keyboards to the fringes of power-electronics and