Eero Johannes

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    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (Boomkat)


    Planet Mu advance into the inviting world of Skwee with a full length Skwee eL Pee from Finland's Eero Johannes. For those unfamiliar with Skwee, it's basically a lo-fi and quite tongue-in-cheek style of synth pop indiginous to the peoples of Scandinavia, with practitioners and producers ranging from The Knife through to DMX Krew or Mesak. As far as i'm aware (feel free to correct me) this is the first full album of Skwee music recieving a domestic release in the UK so well done Eero, go you. The album itself is a very entertaining little oddity, with Eero originally booted out of his funk band for too many Bass solos, he finds time here to fully indulge in a bit of slapped and thrummed bottom end with poignantly piquant melodies to drag your emotions fully up to speed with your ass. It's proper hero music for those days when you can't get out of bed and just need the naughtiest 8-bit synth solo to let you know it ain't all that bad. Yeah.

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