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    Reviewed by Spannered


    One artist who’s not averse to getting the rave stabs out at 33 is that granddaddy of electronic beats, Luke Vibert, and this he does to fairly obvious effect on Asheed, on his new EP for Planet Mu. Acting as a warm-up slab for new LP Chicago, Detroit, Redruth, this four-track salvo does all the things Vibert does so well, but nowhere better than on the title track, whose stunningly catchy main riff sits comfortably astride an insistent acid line and mid-tempo electro rhythm — it’s easily the best track he’s released since the Kerrier District outings, a real Vibert classic. ‘Robot operational’ intones a voice on Meatabix, but this particular robot doesn’t want to do much, beyond wigging to a large 303, calling to mind the recent Ace Of Clubs album. Rounding off with Salacid, a slower funk-fuelled number, this EP is no tale of the unexpected, but despite the large turnover of releases from the man Vibert, you can’t knock his consistency, and Mate Tron shows he’s still capable of knocking out a real gem.

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