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    Reviewed by Subba-Cultcha


    Chris Reeves captured popular electro-imagination with his 2003 release, Remedial. Since then he’s been relatively low profile compared to some his Planet Mu buddies but his new Love Collection (with suitably romantic sleeve), should rattle more than a few robots.

    First track White, and one of the strongest here, kicks things off with an almost danceable pace and plenty of strings and other Aphex-like hisses. This sound is later mirrored on Cubicle, but for the most part Reeves keeps it changeable with a never-ending library of machinery. Digital Lyn is my personal favorite, and is probably the glitchiest track, most others retaining the rise and fall of White; Lyn snaps back and forth like a muthafucka but it keeps your dick ticking with that sweet, sweet electronic milk.

    As with seemingly everything orbiting Mu at the moment, Love Collection is as solidly different yet recognise as you’d expect; whilst the twelve tracks here will never kick your car down, nor will they ever offer a limp hand.

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